Dracula Twins


Dracula Twins

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Dracula Twins

Barnespill med norsk tale/tekst. 7-årsgrense.
«Poor old Count Dracula has been kidnapped by an evil vampire hunter – the dreadful Doctor Lifelust! The doctor needs true vampire blood for an evil experiment to create an elixir of life so he can live forever! Bite back and save count Dracula in this classic jump n run romp appropriate for players of all ages! Take on the role of the Dracula Twins – play as Drac or Dracana – to defend Transylvania and cleanse the Dracula castle from the undead! Doctor Lifelust and his evil minions must be defeated!
System requirements: Windows 2000/xp, 1GHz CPU, 256MB ram, 40MB free harddisk space, 3D card with 16MB ram, DirectX 8.1.»


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