Championship Manager 2008


Championship Manager 2008

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Championship Manager 2008

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«Championship Manager 2008 still remains the fastest football management simulation on the market and offers a streamlined and constant gameplay experience to the player, free of unnecessary delays. Furthermore following on from its debut appearance in Championship Manager 2007, ProZone is back as a fully integrated Post Match Analysis tool which isolates the key factors that decided the result of your game and provides you with the knowledge to act on the match incidents and strengthen your team for the next fixture.

The game also boasts a vastly improved match engine with improved realism, analysing each player and making them react on pitch to the action depending on what their real-life tendencies are as a footballer. For example, a player who likes to overlap and send crosses in from the by-line will try and do so as much as possible during a game. This new system creates a realistic simulation of how footballers behave in real life match situations and managers can even train individual squad members to incorporate tendencies into their match skill set.

Comprehensive Data Update: Club, Player, Staff and Competition data updated to the end of the August transfer window * Increase of more than 25% of players and staff in the database * 27 playable nations now including the Australian league * Multiplayer: Battle it out with other user managers on one PC! * ProZone Analyst Feedback!: Achieve managerial glory using ProZone, football’s favourite analysis tool * Use ProZone Analyst for in-depth analytical feedback on how players and the team performed during a match * Play any match event within ProZone instantly. There’s no hiding place for players! * Stop, rewind, fast forward and pause; stats you control! * Player Tendencies: 32 tendencies that modify how an individual player performs during a match * Ability to mould players in training to learn new tendencies»


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